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Mkay, silly rant, because I've been wanting to say this...

First off, I probably should have used my gun icon, but that would only have me ranting about gun control and whatnot.  I'm going to try to avoid that.

OK, the media blitz about the Vtech shootings has finally hit a slump.  This is temporary of course, but it's a reprieve.  First off, I'd like to say, why the fuck are they giving out information on the shooter's sister?  Her name, place of work, type of internships, college background, and scholastic achievements have been posted by an AP reporter.  OK...  That is not reporting, that is stalking.  That's completely unnecessary, especially in such a high profile case.  Fuck you media.  Just fuck you. 

Anyway, secondly...

This sniveling, whining, talentless motherfucker is not that scary or complex.  Stop building him up to be some sort of epitome of human evil, the incomprehensible, twisted, demented bete noir that is beyond the understanding of a "normal, healthy" human being.  OK, stop it, just stop it.  That's what that pitiful, sniveling, weak little bastard would have wanted.  He reveled in his fucking "individuality" and his martyr complex.  He justified his actions because he was special and everyone else had it coming or drove him to it or some other bullshit.  He was "misunderstood" and "demonized" and boo-fucking-hoo.  

Making that mistake has two major consequences.  One, as mentioned, you're giving the little fucktard what he wants, noteriety, infamy, attention.  The little bitch is a fucking attention whore.  He knew this would happen, it was his pathetic wet dream.  "What was he really thinking?"  "Inside the mind of Cho...."  All the yellow journalism is making me see red.  

Two, by demonizing the bastard, all you end up doing is making him a rolemodel for all the sick, sad, socially-unacceptable scum that think this sort of thing is "cool" and "real" and "hardcore."  The dumbfuck mentions Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, two other deplorable wastes of carbon, as heroes or martyrs or other somesuch nonsense.  Excuse me while I laugh my ass off.  They would have hated his Korean ass.   But that is OK, the weakling was not someone to let REALITY or THE FACTS get in the way of his delusions.  Nope.  Cho will be "cool" to all those other pitiable losers who think it is so awesome to hate everyone.  It's cool to hate, yea?  It's cool to be perpetually angry at society and "the man."  

"It's their fault my life sucks.  Personal responsibility?  What's that?  I'm such a victim, boo hoo..."

I know kids who think like that loser.  I would not say they are going to go conduct a shooting any time soon, but they have that same delusional victim complex.  Kids like him are not incomprehensible monsters.  They are pathetic, weak, spineless fuckers who cannot handle reality.  When they finally make up their mind to do something about their circumstances, it is so self-centered and illogically justified, how can anyone not see their for the weak, juvenile, reactions that they are?  Granted, this weak, juvenile reaction killed 32 people, but look at the cause:  he had no social life, stalked girls, and had a history of mental illness.  The little bastard could not function in regular society.  He could not adapt to the real world.   Poor baby.  So when he finally made a choice to do something about it, it was not to do the brave, self-respecting of self-improvement or seeking help or anything rational.  No, he decided to go down in some macho dream of a blaze of glory and all that shit.  He had no control over his life, he was fucking impotent, and the only way he could assert any sort of power was shooting a bunch of unarmed classmates.  

Oooh, scary and respectable.  Big brave man, isn't he? Got guts, doesn't he? 

I mean look at his stupid little play.  It is not about pedophilia and chainsaws.  The stepfather is driven to kill the kid by unfair circumstances.  He is misunderstood.  Blah blah blah.  I've read more violent disturbing shit in my creative writing class.  (Dumbfuck is also a better writer than a some of the people in there, but that's beside the point.)  He was a sucky writer and an English major to boot.  Nothing against English majors, but that is the department where the greatest amount of angst and self-pitying emo drivel seems to come from.  "I'm an artist/writer/lost one understands me...I'm so unique!" 

Did you see the video?  Disturbing?  HA!  He rambled, with no charisma, or conviction, or really any structure, about how this was everyone's fault, how everyone needed to feel guilty for "driving"  him to this.  Just as a note, this also demonstrates that the little fucker knew he was doing wrong.  He had enough mental presence to know that.  The little bastard strikes all these melodramatic poses from all sorts of action movies, video games, whatever.  This is his last chance to be prove that he is "cool,"  that he has "what it takes."  Whatever.  He compares himself to Christ, blames everyone else, tries to manifest the self-righteous rage that might justify his actions and fails miserably.  He was reading his fucking lines.  Look at him!  I doubt he even believed what he was saying.  Sending a video between murders?  Yes, he definitely wanted attention.  He wanted it sooooo badly.  He knew he was worthless piece of shit.  He was just trying to prove he was more than that, to the world, but mostly to himself.  

He could have done that you know.  He could have got help and maybe made something of himself.  It would have been scary, it would have been hard, but he could have done that.  He chose not to.  Coward.

This is not ineffable evil, this is an impotent contemptible, bastard  who could not handle reality.  This is a miserable tosser's last ditch effort to make something of himself.  This is self-absorbed weakness at its finest: go ahead, blame the rich kids, and the bullies, and whomever else you like.  They are not the ones who cannot adapt to everyday life.  They are not the ones who gave up and tried to prove themselves to have some secret misunderstood worth.  His name does not need to be stricken from the records; he does not need to be made an example of:  people need to see Cho Seung-hui for the deplorable, weak, impotent little shit that he was. 

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