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Happy Happy News~

LOL. Because, you know, I only find cheerful things to comment on.  ^_~

Everyone is pissy with Russia.  I'm not too well-versed as to what exactly brought about this change (Putin?  Litivenko?  Journalist lady who got shot?  Doubt it, more like government actions, but I suppose I should research more.) This year,  Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, the US, the UK, and the EU have all had rows with Russia.  Lol.  OMG COLD WAR LUV!!! 

Quote of the day from BBC's 'Have Your Say.'  The topic is:

How damaging are warring parents?

Children are the biggest victims of domestic violence, research shows.

Those who witness violence at home display emotional and behavioural disturbances as diverse as withdrawal, low self-esteem, nightmares, self-blame, and aggression, experts warn.

Unicef estimates that as many as 275m children are currently exposed to domestic violence.

Are you exposing your children to a violent environment? Do you fight with your spouse forgetting how upsetting this is to your children? Did you grow up in a violent family?

This was my favorite response.  It could be a troll, but damn if I didn't LOL. 

Added: Tuesday, 22 May, 2007, 13:52 GMT 14:52 UK

There is no Domestic violence in Africa especially where I live. Unfortunately many of us now believe that only right ideas come from the west.
Did you know that in my society a woman who is not beaten by her husband considers herself unloved? It isn't violence. Reconcilliation is only when the man buys a kilo of meat for her.
Figthing is normal and a way of testing how to resist foreign aggressors. Boys esp. must be tough to manage future families.Stop this noise of domestic violence.

Afimani Moses, Arua

A kilo of meat?  What, is that a steak to put on her black eye or something?  Or is making the woman cook dinner a sign of forgiveness from the husband?  LMAO.  I dunno, Mexico seems to have a similar problem.  I don't know if this would make it any better.  -_-;; They mean well, but using sex dolls?  Heh.  Oh, but I found this whole story to be damn fascinating.  I guess I'm really morbid, but it would make a great supernatural horror story.  I'm not sure what the current body count is, but yea...

Well, while I'm dealing with feminist issues (SLOW NEWS WEEK FOLKS), South African Virginity Testing...yeesh.  

Now accepting jokes about hairy Pakistani women and sex change operations.  I sort of sympathize: well if I lived in Pakistan I would not want to be a woman.  Still, she's very convincing?

Ah, more dissent in China over the One Child Policy.  Hee.  Reporting dissent in China always fills me with a perverse sense of glee.  Part of it is my bias, part of it is all the censorship.  I once wrote a research paper on the effect of guns on crime (summary: more guns = more gun crime, but not more crime...blah blah blah), and I needed crime statistics from different countries.  (Australia saw an increase in knives and syringes as weapons, and was very reluctant to reprot anything after their ban on shotguns and higher caliber hand guns had gone into effect.)  But China...could not find ANY crime statistics, ergo, China has no crime!

Bah.  In completely unrelated news, Chinese soldiers are cute.  Like Hello Kitty.  See?

Oh!  Do spinning umbrella tricks!  Umbrella tricks!!!  (I want an umbrella like that.)

And now Iscariot takes on the BBC.  Damn Ratzinger gives me the willies.  The name fits. 

How does he manage to look so creepy?  Doesn't the Vatican have make-up artists or something????

Updates on me:  

The usual, work, class, work, class, people want me to do things, etc....

All is well for now?

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