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Been busy/tired/nihilistic/PMSing/doing "constructive things/not killing animals/going on adventures/spending money.

I think that sums it up.  


Have been shopping.  When I work I tend to spend more money than I should.  Nowhere near enough to go into debt, but I used to save like 80% of the money I made.  Now it's like....10%.  Lol.  In my defense, I'm still making more than I'm spending?

Anyway, got a haircut, this little Viet lady asked the length I wanted and if I wanted layers.  I agreed and she went to work.  I like it, but it isn't what I was expecting.  It looks best spiked, and as my work requires business casual to wear-a-suit, this probably won't go over well...not to mention the only gel I brought with  me was "colored gel" but "copper" is sort of respectable?  Lol...ponytails for me.  

Note the uneven bangs.  I like it.  I didn't really style it though...

There, easier to see against the red.  Hmph, lots of pictures, well for me.  OH NO, I'm turning into a cam-whore!  I must shoot myself to prevent this!  (I'll film it...)

The back and side.

I love smoked salmon more than any mortal should.  I also like being 21 and going to happy hour.  One beer, some wings, and good conversation makes me happy.  Of course, buying a 6-pack of Heineken and taking it home is also an interesting feeling.  I like Heineken.  (Strong Greek olives go really well with it.  I know that sounds weird...but smoked salmon does not.  Shrimp chips go OK, but they go really well with darker beers...) issues:  

My desktop computer is dead.  I think it's the power supply b/c that hasn't been changed since I got it, and I go through those rather quickly.  The CPU starts up, then dies.  Does that sound like the power supply or the motherboard or "you're fucked?"

Also, I've been looking at external harddrives.  I'm partial to Seagate, and I'm looking at 300+ GB.  (God I have so much pr0n...kidding...sorta.  =P)  Also, I like and their prices, but is there any reason I should buy from Best Buy?  Or anyone else?

Also:  I just got a Fujifilm digital camera.  I do love it, but I need an XD memory card.  Ebay pricing isn't much different from Radio Shack unless I get  a 2 GB one which I cannot quite justify...

Disjointed as always...I have new tea.  Expensive tea, but nice tea.  Teavana. 

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