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Who let the weirdies out?

 More importantly, who sent them in my direction??????

As you might remember, I am a receptionist the poli-sci dept at OSU.  Now I've gotten some weird phone calls, but this one totally wins.  I would like to believe this is a crank call, but there was no laughing and everything was said with a straight tone.   And yea...

Me:  "Good morning, political science, how many I help you?"  <-  See, I can be polite. 
Crazy Lady:  "Political science?  You know about politics right?  Maybe you can answer my questions."
Me: "Err..."
CL:  "Barack Obama and you know if Barack Obama is the anti-Christ?"
Me:  "I don't believe so."  <--Didn't miss a beat.  "But that's not something most people would know."
CL: "Nobody seems to know..." 
Me: "..."
CL: "He isn't American is he?"
Me: "He has to be if he's running for president."
CL: "But he wasn't born here."
Me: "He has to be if he's running for president...his family is from Kenya."
CL: "People from Kenya...what do you call them?  That's African right?"
Me: "...Kenyans, but there are several tribes in Kenya."
CL: "Kenyans.  But they don't believe in Jesus do they?"
Me:  "I know he has some Muslims in his family background."
CL: "Aha! Muslims!  Oh...yea, not anti-christ, Muslims, that what I meant.  Muslims, now they don't believe that Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary and is the son of God, do they?"
Me: "No, they don't."
CL: "They just believe he was a prophet."
Me:  "That is correct."
CL:  "Now isn't that a shame?"
Me: "...It's what they believe."  <---So politically correct.  I was being good.  So good.  So very damn good.
CL:  "Now is Islam from Africa?" 
Me: "Errr, no, it's from the Middle East."
CL: "Hmmm.  His mother was African?  Kenyans are Africans, and we call them Africans."
Me:  *reading from Wikipedia* "He was born in Honolulu, his mother was American and his father was Kenyan.  His stepfather was Indonesian and he lived there when he was young."
CL:  "Indonesia?  Is that in Africa?"
Me: "...No, it's Southeast Asia."  <-- The sad part is that it didn't even faze me, I went into "lecturing the stupid child" mode.
CL: "Southeast Asia?  Honolulu?  Wait that sounds funny." 
Me: "...He was born in Hawaii."
CL: "And he's a Muslim?"
Me: "He says he's pretty non-religious."
CL: "The papers says he has Muslim ties in his background."
Me: "I'm sure some of his family is."
CL: "The paper says it!  It says he has Muslim ties!  It's in the paper."
Me: "...OK."  <-- No sense arguing with the crazy. 
CL: "There's something fishy about this."
Me: "..."
CL: "This is all just too confusing.  I'm going to have to ask somebody else."
Me: "OK."
CL: *click*
Me: "..."

Someone missed their daily dosage. 
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