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No really, AZN racial guilt makes me laugh, and then puke.  But that's OK.  

So...funny story:

Brit grad student interaction:  blah blah blah, I think he finally sort of got me back?

Him: So what does a plane do when it's close to the ground?
Me:  Wut?
B:  Hover?
Him:  No think about it!  What's it doing?
Me: Uhhh...
B: Landing!
Him: No.
Me: Strafing?
B: Crashing!
Him;  No, no!  Really, it's close to the gruond, just there...
*enter W*
B: I don't get it.
Me: Me neither.
W: What?
Him:  There's a plane, close to the ground, what's it doing?"
W: Flying?
Him: Yes!  How?
W: Low?
Him: YES!  Flying low!  Goodbye!

....Oh.  XYZ.  

I was mildly embarrassed, but I laughed and yelled at him.  I've been sniggering about the whole thing since. 
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