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For all those junior Iron Chefs...

THIS will be my next project.  

Note:  I think the real terror comes after someone has ingested it.  Hee.  

It's not Kim Jong-Il singing "I'm So Ronery," but it's the closest we're going to get for awhile. 

But I didn't see anything about conjugal visits...  

Ah Burma...anything I wanted to say has been said in this article.  I'm not predicting massive social upheaval any time soon, maybe some concessions and a gradual loss of control by the junta, but no color revolutions.  Here's a site for the opposition, but keep in mind, they are not necessarily unbiased in their news.  On that note, this is the government-sponsored news: it is, of course, the straight unbiased truth filled with catchy rhetoric and insightful comments about those meddling Westerners...  Looks like they haven't updated for a bit.  Lol.  

This just reeks of weird.  I should have a snarky comment, but my mind fails me...

So hydrogen balloons should make cool WMDs or IEDs.  I dunno.  But I remember seeing this and laughing.  Maybe you remember the joke about China's lack of a bluewater navy.  You know, that if they wanted to invade Taiwan, they'd have to swim?  Well this is sort of along those tactics.  One of my co-workers and I had a discussion on what could have made the balloons even more awesome.  I say flaming pigeons.  Either releasing a cloud of balloons with a flock of pigeons, or tying string/a fuse to the pigeon and balloon.  Dinner and a show.

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